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Lorraine Kember

Article written by Lorraine Kember Author of 'Lean on Me' Cancer through a Carers Eyes, a powerfully moving and inspirational true story of her husband's courageous battle with cancer and of her emotional journey as she lives in expectation of his death. Interspersed with diary excerpts and poems she penned along the way, this very personal account depicts the depth of their love for each other, the sense of helplessness she experienced upon his diagnosis and her growing strength as she comes to realize that there is much she can do to improve the quality of his life. Pain management and symptom control is detailed throughout as well as an insight into chemotherapy, palliative care (hospice) dying at home and coping with grief. 'Lean on Me' is recommended by doctors as a 'must read' book for anyone who has or who is caring for someone with cancer.

No one understands more - than someone who has been there.

Lorraine is also an inspirational speaker and is available to speak nationwide and overseas.

For detailed information, recommendations and safe online purchase of 'Lean on Me' and other titles by Lorraine Kember, visit her website. is a website owned and managed by The Life Project, a branch of Power to Change, Canada.#####

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