Managing your time well means managing your life well. People who handle their time well do it creatively. They make short and long-term plans, set and keep realistic schedules, take efficient and timely breaks, and view tasks to be done as opportunities rather than dreaded obligations. They practice creative time management by taking control of their time and, therefore, their life.

“We are not all endowed with brilliance, good looks, or lots of money, but we each get the same number of hours every day. A great deal may be achieved in those 24 hours, or not much at all. It is up to you to make optimum use of those hours” (from chapter 1 of Creative Time Management for the New Millennium by Jan Yager).

From Chapter 2 of Yager's book: "here are the fundamental principles of creative time management. These principles are based on my original research and consulting over the last two decades, including interviews with top executives as well as an extensive work survey of 234 men and women, nationwide and in more than a dozen foreign countries, about time management and work-related issues."

  1. Be active, not just reactive. It will be easier to be active if you also follow principle #2, namely, setting goals.
  2. Set goals.
  3. Prioritize actions.
  4. Keep your focus.
  5. Create realistic deadlines
  6. D-O I-T N-O-W! Once you decide on a plan and are focused, just do it now. Here is an easy way to help you remember this principle:
  1. Balance Your Life.

Excerpted from Chapters 1 and 2 in "Creative Time Management for the New Millennium" by Jan Yager, Ph.D. (Hannacroix Creek Books), 1999. This excerpt is copyright © 2000 by Jan Yager, Ph.D., 1999 and is used with permission.

This article was written by: Dr. Jan Yager

Photo Credit: Wil Stewart