I am 29 years old. Since my early childhood, my dreams have been very vivid and they look like a whole movie or a series of movies every night! The "themes" are miscellaneous, from frightening situations, hunting, arguing, struggle to survive, sometimes dancing (with lots of people) and rarely, laughing. Sometimes, I fly, too, usually above wonderful places I’ve never seen in real life. I always remember colors in my dreams and usually vivid ones.

Dear Curious,

Have you ever asked a professional counselor to help you better understand yourself and your dreams? They seem to hold a very important place in your thoughts, and it might be helpful for you to figure out why.

Please know that interpreting dreams is very subjective. The origin of our dreams is often multifaceted.

What do you think they might mean? Why do you think they are so vivid and memorable? How do they compare to your day-to-day life? Do you see any patterns emerging that might reveal recurring patterns of thought?

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Yap