I am 29 years old. Since my early childhood, my dreams have been very vivid and they look like a whole movie, or series of movies every night! The "themes" are miscellaneous, from frightening situations, hunting, arguing, struggle to survive, sometimes dancing (with lots of people)and rarely laughing. Sometimes, I fly, too, usually above wonderful places I’ve never seen in real life. I always remember colors in my dreams and usually vivid ones.

Dear Curious,

Please tell us more about your childhood and your family history. There are all sorts of reasons for the kind of dreams you describe. Some people have weaker senses of self, so it seems easier for past history to live in them and sweep over them. A lot of ancestral information is contained in each person’s DNA. The problem for you may be that you have a more difficult time having your own life.

It would seem that you would want to find a professional counselor who can help you strengthen your sense of self and a more solid sense of who you are. You wouldn’t necessarily need to tell the counselor about your dreams because what you need is to work on you and who you are, who you want to be, your interests. Develop your artistic talent, etc. What kind of a career do you want to pursue? Learn how to make friends and maintain those friendships rather than live too much in the world of your imagination.

With that said, interpreting dreams is very subject and the origin of our dreams is often multifaceted.

Let us know what you think and if you find the answers you're looking for.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Yap