Does this sound like you? Do you long for something more?

What Jennifer says in this video is true: no amount of ‘likes’ will satisfy us. There is only one way to fill our bottomless need for love and acceptance, and it is through the person of Jesus Christ, who created us for himself.

I used to think that there were only a few things in life worth sharing: my achievements, excitement, and happiness.

I became so good at putting first my best features that it almost seemed rehearsed, and when played in reverse it was plain to see the build-up of debris hidden inside of me.

I wanted it to seem as if I had everything worked out, even though every single day I was striking out.

My failures, fears, and despair were things I couldn’t bear to share so I had to cover them up and hide it all behind a mask hoping that no one would ask.

I was empty.

It became routine to clean only what could be seen, like shoving the dirty dishes out of sight and wishing even I could forget about the fights that happened every single night.

I got so used to using an insincere smile to hide what’s inside. Sometimes I would even lie awake at night thinking of ways to make myself fake in order to make up someone who matters.

But I was still empty.

Even when I could feel a moment of completeness, something came in to steal it. Something must be missing.

I started to wonder if it was just me if I was the only one who had to struggle to be free from my own mistakes – putting everything at stake to be seen as that person who has everything all together.

But you see, I was searching for all the wrong things thinking that something could fill this empty feeling when it’s really someone who brings fullness – it’s Jesus.

What I never really realized before is that we were created to know God. We were made to have a relationship with him.

There was a time when humanity once walked with God but chose to search for other things that would satisfy. We sinned.

We were created for a face-to-face relationship with God, but now we’re standing back to back with Him instead.

We did a complete 180!

The emptiness we feel, the unrelenting void that we just can’t seem to avoid? We did that.

But you see, it was never intended to be like this forever!

God sent Jesus to take our shame upon himself. He died on the cross for our mistakes; he came to make us new.

He died, but he also rose again, not only defeating death but inviting us in. He brings freedom. And in case you were thinking he somehow forgot or misplaced you, turn around: he was there in the first place.

We no longer have to hide behind a disguise of lies because Jesus’ eyes don’t look down on or despise, they aren’t searching for the wise or trying to revise – they love.

He bestows grace upon grace upon grace until we are full to the brim without any more room to hold onto our past mistakes.

You see, He loved us from the start. Even in our deepest, darkest moment of sin he still stood at the door knocking to be let in.

His grace made me new, and he will do the same for you too.

Jesus is the only one who brings fullness so stop searching for the one who is standing before you saying,

“I choose you.”

If you want to know God, it’s simple. All you need to do is ask!

If you’re not sure how you can, pray a prayer like this:

God I need you. Please forgive me for the things I’ve done. Forgive me for turning my back on you and going my own way. Take control of my life, and make me more like you. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins. Thank you for your love. Amen.

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