Why Me?

“Why me?”

That is a thought that has run through my head a number of times over the past two weeks. One week ago, I was on a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles for a meeting with some leaders from around the world. I was thrilled with the opportunity, but started to get a bit nervous a few hours before I was to fly out. After confirming with the meeting coordinator, I decided to carry on with my plans and hopped on a plane. During the flight, I learned that because a player had contracted COVID-19, the NBA was shutting down. President Trump announced travel restrictions from Europe. And Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson announced that they were infected by the virus. As I considered the fact that I was flying away from home on a giant tube filled with potentially ill people, I thought, “Why me?!”

Upon my arrival back in Canada, I was informed that all travelers coming to Canada from the US were to be on self-isolation for 14 days. I had been very careful on the plane, in the airports, and in my hotel, but because of the increased risk, I was to be stuck at home for two weeks. Why me?

As the news of the virus spread and shut downs were put in place, my wife and I were informed that a conference in Fiji at which we were to speak in July had been cancelled. Tied into that trip was an extended holiday to Fiji and Hawaii – a trip of a lifetime. Now, presumably cancelled.

Why me?

As time passed, I found my level of concern and fear rise. Do I actually have the virus and don’t know it? How long will this crisis last? How will those closest to me be impacted?

It is ironic that in the midst of this situation, the best solution to slow down the spread of the virus is isolation. And yet, at times like these, isolation is the last thing we need. We are made for relationship! That is one reason we have online mentors available – to provide someone to talk with in the midst of your isolation. So, if you just want to talk about what life is like for you right now, don't hesitate to write in using the form below.

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