I am 25 years old. I am worrying about sex with my boyfriend. He doesn’t like to use condoms and persuades me that it is safe if we just interrupt sex, but I am always afraid of pregnancy. Maybe I can calculate my safe days before or after menstruation? After sex I cannot get to sleep and I still feel very exited because he is near me. I feel very confused.

Advice: If you have sex, you can get pregnant. Condoms don’t always work. Without condoms he may enjoy it more, but will he help support you for the next 18 years while you raise his son? The only gauranteed way to prevent pregnancy (and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS) is not to have sex. My married friend, who has seven children, never intended to get pregnant. She relied on calculating the safe days. For the most part she did pretty well — she only miscalculated seven times in fifteen years.

I believe God made sex natural and fun, because He originally intended people to populate the earth. He also planned on children being raised in the context of a loving family. If you aren’t prepared to do the family part, you might want to consider waiting for sex until marriage.

This article was written by: Dr. Ginger Gabriel

Photo Credit: Lauren Rushing