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Broken Family

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Don’t Make Me Take Your Place, Dad

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Rand's story:

How can a boy expect to fill Dad’s shoes when he leaves?

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It's Payback Time

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Beth's story:

I was constantly spending more on things than I needed to. I felt trapped and unable to control my money. It was controlling me.

Adult Child of Divorce

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A Tough Transition

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Carson's story:

I thought my parents would stay together until they died — you know, just like they promised in their vows.


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Nobody is Promised Tomorrow

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Mike's story:

Shortly after having my blood tested, a nurse called and said, "You have to come to Emergency right now." I soon learned I only had 3 to 6 months left.

Domestic Violence

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Living With The Enemy

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Caroline's story:

He used to lock me outside our house with no shoes or coat, rage at me for an hour or more, and make me doubt my sanity. When he hit me, it was the last straw.


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All Bets Are Off

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Sandy's story:

My life spun out of control. I lost two homes and nearly lost my marriage because of my addiction.


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Mourning Sickness

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Winsome's story:

“Your baby has not developed further.” This can’t be. It must be a mix-up. When would I wake up from this nightmare?


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Till Death Do Us Part

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Veda's story:

Three years ago, my husband breathed his last breath. Then began the most difficult journey I’ve ever experienced: life without him.


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Just a Few More Pounds...

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Karen's story:

I began to equate love with being thin. Still, on the outside, I worked hard to make it look like I had it all together.

Chronic Pain

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When Everything Hurts

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Anne-Marie's story:

I never know when it will hit me, nor why. Some days, I can do everything I have planned. I can even enjoy biking, hiking, or snowshoeing. But then, it hits me yet again.

Food Addiction

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Hungry For Comfort

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Mary's story:

Anytime life got to be more than I could bear, I found comfort knowing food was available to me when I wanted it. I would eat even when I wasn’t hungry.

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