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Toxic Workplace

My Job Made Me Sick

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Barbara's story

The constant stress and ridicule by a manager, who didn't want me to look better than her, made me physically ill.

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Broken Family

Don’t Make Me Take Your Place, Dad

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Rand's story

How can a boy expect to fill Dad’s shoes when he leaves?

Alcohol Addiction

My Life, Wasted

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Aaron's story

Alcohol never forced itself into my hand. It never pushed its way down my throat. And it never asked to be abused by me. Those choices were all mine.

Drug Addiction

A Prescription For Failure

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Dave's story

I was always counting down the days until I could get my prescription refilled. Eventually it came to the point where pills became the most important thing in my life.


How Do I Live Without My Dad?

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Catherine's story

Everything happened so fast, I didn’t know what to do. I was only eight years old, and had the childlike faith that he would come back to me soon.

Financial Stress

Pocket Strain

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Matt's story

For many dark nights over the course of many months, I tossed and turned, consumed with anxiety by the state of our financial situation.


Too Much Of A Good Thing

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Debbie's story

I know that taking care of myself – body, mind, soul and spirit - needs to be my first priority. I’m still on a journey to find balance in life.

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