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My Abortion

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The Mourning After

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Caramel's story:

It seemed like getting an abortion was the right thing to do at the time. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional whirlwind that came soon after.

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Life Is Not an Accident

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Julie's story:

As a teen, I realized that I could very easily have been aborted. I would never have known what it meant to build a sandcastle or smell a flower or listen to great music or have a good friend. I'd never have fallen in love. I started to rethink what my birth mother had done.

Dating the Wrong Guy

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It Felt So Right

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Julie's story:

I felt truly pretty for the first time in my life. Sunshine covered my world. Being with him made me feel great. But then things changed.

Emotional Abandonment

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Nothing Left To Give

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Elma's story:

I needed him to listen and show that he cared about how I felt – to look me in the eyes and be present so I’d know he had my back. But this wasn't something he knew how to do.

Domestic Violence

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Living With The Enemy

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Caroline's story:

He used to lock me outside our house with no shoes or coat, rage at me for an hour or more, and make me doubt my sanity. When he hit me, it was the last straw.

Sexually Abused

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Recovering My Stolen Self

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Shane's story:

My past kept haunting me. I had to face the secret that was hidden deep inside my heart.


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No More Dirty Looks

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Jeff's story:

The intimacy porn promised was proving to be an illusion. I was trapped, wanting the fix without the consequences – the pleasure without feeling ashamed.

Divorced Parents

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Standing There... All Alone

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Irene's story:

I became a very quiet child, no longer the happy kid I used to be. I wanted answers. “Why did my mom leave me?” was all I could think about.


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Mourning Sickness

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Winsome's story:

“Your baby has not developed further.” This can’t be. It must be a mix-up. When would I wake up from this nightmare?


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Still Worthy of Love

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Tonia's story:

After swimming in a motel pool, a man followed up alongside me. "Just wanna walk you to your room, make sure everything's all safe for you." When it was over, he ran a bath for me. I was still in that cold water when they found me in the morning.

Sex Addiction

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In the Grip of Insatiable Hunger

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Melissa's story:

It was the need for sex that prompted my reckless drinking. That way I wouldn’t remember the deplorable things I had done to gain the attention of a guy.

Adult Child of Divorce

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A Tough Transition

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Carson's story:

I thought my parents would stay together until they died — you know, just like they promised in their vows.


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Too High a Price

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Kayla's story:

At first it was a game to us, a kind of joke. We made a lot of money, got drunk, did drugs. We thought it was fun. But it all escalated really quickly.


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Still Trying to Belong

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Denver's story:

There are people all around me, interacting with each other, having fun together: but I’m sitting here alone.

Financial Stress

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Pocket Strain

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Matt's story:

For many dark nights over the course of many months, I tossed and turned, consumed with anxiety by the state of our financial situation.


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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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Tia's story:

I get trapped in this dark place where there’s nothing to do but sleep or cry until my head pounds. On those days, just getting out of bed is a triumph that I need to acknowledge.


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My Mind is a Scary Place

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Hazelle's story:

In my imagination, I’ve been diagnosed, incarcerated, fired, divorced, and buried. My mind is a scary place to be sometimes.

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