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Divorced Parents

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Standing There... All Alone

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Irene's story:

I became a very quiet child, no longer the happy kid I used to be. I wanted answers. “Why did my mom leave me?” was all I could think about.

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Adult Child of Divorce

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A Tough Transition

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Carson's story:

I thought my parents would stay together until they died — you know, just like they promised in their vows.


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Still Trying to Belong

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Denver's story:

There are people all around me, interacting with each other, having fun together: but I’m sitting here alone.


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In and Out of Prison

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Preston's story:

Alone with my thoughts in solitary confinement, my worst fear was never seeing my daughter again. I didn’t want to be the father that my father was to me.

Broken Family

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Don’t Make Me Take Your Place, Dad

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Rand's story:

How can a boy expect to fill Dad’s shoes when he leaves?


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My Mind is a Scary Place

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Hazelle's story:

In my imagination, I’ve been diagnosed, incarcerated, fired, divorced, and buried. My mind is a scary place to be sometimes.


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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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Tia's story:

I get trapped in this dark place where there’s nothing to do but sleep or cry until my head pounds. On those days, just getting out of bed is a triumph that I need to acknowledge.

Alcoholic Parents

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Home Is Where The Harm Is

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Mike's story:

In grade three a friend told me, "I can't sleep over because my parents say your mom and dad are drunks." That was the moment it hit me: my family isn't normal.


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No More Dirty Looks

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Jeff's story:

The intimacy porn promised was proving to be an illusion. I was trapped, wanting the fix without the consequences – the pleasure without feeling ashamed.

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