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COVID-19 Testing Positive

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Testing Positive: Is this real life?

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Nurse T's story:

Indefinite quarantine meant that now, not only did I have the virus that was igniting fear worldwide, but I couldn’t go back to work and I didn’t know when I could.

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COVID-19 Uncertainty

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An Unexpected Turn of Events

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Anonymous's story:

News that would normally be cause for relief and joy was just another twist and turn on my emotional roller coaster.

COVID-19 Isolation

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Why Me?

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Gregg's story:

I had been very careful on the plane, in the airports, and in my hotel, but because of the increased risk, I was stuck at home for two weeks.

Multiple Fears

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Paralysed by Fear

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Dorothy's story:

With a pandemic raging, what can be done in the face of fear?

Alcohol Addiction

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My Life, Wasted

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Aaron's story:

Alcohol never forced itself into my hand. It never pushed its way down my throat. And it never asked to be abused by me. Those choices were all mine.


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It's Payback Time

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Beth's story:

I was constantly spending more on things than I needed to. I felt trapped and unable to control my money. It was controlling me.


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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

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Tia's story:

I get trapped in this dark place where there’s nothing to do but sleep or cry until my head pounds. On those days, just getting out of bed is a triumph that I need to acknowledge.

Domestic Violence

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Living With The Enemy

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Caroline's story:

He used to lock me outside our house with no shoes or coat, rage at me for an hour or more, and make me doubt my sanity. When he hit me, it was the last straw.

Fear of Death

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The End

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Dennis's story:

At 63, I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, caused by a rare case of pneumonia that I never knew I had. My lungs were completely black. The situation was dire.

Financial Stress

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Pocket Strain

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Matt's story:

For many dark nights over the course of many months, I tossed and turned, consumed with anxiety by the state of our financial situation.

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